Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Getting paid to excercize

I started working in OTC Pharmacy at Walmart this month. The 10th was orientation. I have been working full time while training. I'm very happy to be off for the next 2 days. It's a workout, and I'm tired. I've gotten some compliments. My manager is very happy. The OTC area of the store hasn't been properly cared for since mid-December, apparently, and the previous employee never rotated the stock. It just so happened that the store manager and assistant manager visited the store yesterday. My manager introduced me and they shook my hand and complimented my work. Ok, I am going to rest now.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Smith River Rocks

So, I've learned some more about this river.

(1) The water is pure and clear, like glass.
(2) There is no sediment, except after a storm, but then it clears out.
(3) The riverbed is all rock, Serpentine rock, and somehow this is one of the dynamics for the blueness.
(4) There is no moss because the river is swift and cold, although there can be some moss in summer in certain areas.
(5) The sky here, when clear, is incredibly blue, which is reflected by the water.

I found, by examining my photos, that the water reflects blue and green and turquoise at any angle, which must be from the rocks. Serpentine can look dull when dry, but get it wet and it has a whole new dynamic.

The amazingly beautiful Smith River:

At this angle, incredible turquoise is reflected

I turned and shot the other direction, and less blue is reflected

A very low angle, my camera was almost touching the water

Looking down, the rocks are grayish white when dry but lovely when wet

You can't deny the amazing dynamic of America's last Wild River, no dams!