Monday, March 30, 2015

The Door is Open!

Two good things happened today, Seawood called! A town home will be ready for us on April 13th. hubby has a new job, full time, at Rumiano Cheese. He is putting his two week notice in at Walmart tonight, which is going to land about on the same date as the town home.

In other news, we are waiting for his finger print appointment for his 10 year green card. I hope they are a little slow, because I don't want everything happening all at once.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

A new door

A new door is opening for my husband. Maybe the Walmart job was just the tunnel he had to travel through to reach the door. Stay tuned, more later, in maybe a week.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Still waiting to exhale

However, we are now number 2 on the list!

In other news, I like my job, but my back doesn't. I pulled it, of course, because I can't lift much, and my job requires lifting. So I bought a back brace. My back is particularly catchy today, and that's not a catchy tune. I work from 3 to 7 pm.

My poor hubby is still suffering. He's on a 3 week course of antibiotics, but the mold is growing in this house and it's making him worse. The way to control mold is with bleach-water, but that gives my daughter an asthma attack. They say the mold doesn't bother them. Whatever.

We are a little apprehensive about signing the lease contract. It's a case of the "what ifs"....what if I can't continue working? My hubby would love to find a higher paying job so I don't need to work. Seawood is a bit pricey. There are some cheaper options (purchase a mobile home) but they are further away, more in the woods, and would require a down payment, which would liquidate our savings. We do not want to liquidate our savings.

On a brighter note, we are making friends. There are a lot of nice people around. My hubby has friends who like to shoot. He went crab fishing with another friend (unfortunately the crabs died before we could cook them, but that's another story). I get my .22 rifle on Monday, along with my California gun license. Then we can go shooting together.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

So...maybe you are it worth it?

Our new life...are you wondering, did we make the right choice?

I still say yes. If my husband wouldn't have waited so long to go back to the doctor for more treatment he might be well by now, but he was convinced it was the house we are living in and he would just be fine if we moved. Trouble is, we are still number 5 on the list.

If we had not made this move we would still be stuck in a declining industrial city with bad air and a climate we both hated in a house next to the expressway that was noisy 24/7.

Things will get better. We won't be living in a bedroom forever. My husband won't be sick forever (though I think he thinks he will. Men....!) We are both making money now. Once we move we can buy a nice living room set and a kitchen set, all new, and live in a fixed up town home that doesn't need repairs....something I've NEVER had in my whole life. I've always wanted to live in a home where I could open the door to company at any time (please remove your shoes...thank you) and not be embarrassed.

Could we have done that in Indiana? Maybe, but I think the rent is higher there, and we would still be stuck in that awful air and climate.

Monday, March 2, 2015

We sat by the ocean

I bundled up and we drove to the ocean and parked in the sun. We sat in the car and enjoyed the waves. This was literally the first time we have done that since I started working.

I feel like crap today

Yesterday was stressful, today I feel like crap. I called off. I feel cold and my back hurts. I really don't think I can do this job full time, or maybe at all. It sucks because I do it really well, and now they want to train me to be department manager, which is more pay (yay) but full time (groan).

So....I've been working mostly full time (because of training) since Feb. 12th. Things are catching up to me. I'm too exhausted to cook, so I eat a little "whatever" is fast. I can't live on "whatever". A bad diet has put me down in the past. I can't tolerate a lot of prepared food. I need to cook from scratch.

The stress....yesterday I was supposed to work 4 hours, but they needed me to come in for an extra 4 so I could be trained on the register in the pharmacy. It was a train wreck, at least in my point of view. The cash register is a nightmare. There are actually two screens, the cash part and the medicine part. The medicine part has the customer's info, the prescriptions, HEPPA, medicare, controlled substances, signatures, and regulations. You may well have handed me the controls to a plane and said, "Don't crash it." I panicked. And spent the rest of the time totally humiliated and embarrassed about my fears.

And then there is the money. I am terrified about handling money wrong. Sure, the register tells you the change, bla, bla, bla. But then there is that one person, and yes, my trainer had one of them.

"Give me $100 cash back, in 20's, tens, fives, ones and quarters." Ok, says my trainer, as she counts it out. "Oh, make that more ones and give me four dollars in quarters", adds the lady. My trainer re-counts and delivers the change. I would have passed out.

People keep telling me I'll be fine, I'll get used to it. They don't understand, when I'm stressed the letters and numbers on the keyboard disappear. It reminds me of when I tried to learn to drive. I didn't get my license until I was 33. Why? I was too scared. I got over it by taking a class where we sat at consoles fitted with steering wheels, pedals and a screen with an interactive movie.

Sheldon Cooper Learning to Drive

My husband is still sick. I got him Flonase but the inside of his nose is beet red, so he stopped taking it. His chest is congested. He had a sinus CAT scan and Friday he sees a doctor.

I miss our walks together. In fact, I miss our life together. My husband misses me. I spend my days off watching him sleep because he works at night. He spends his days off alone because I'm working during the day. I want to cry.