Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pneumonia Shot...oh crap

I got my shot yesterday. I have one word...Ow.

I'll be OK. Staying downstairs today, not doing much. Very stiff and sore arm, a bit weak, not quite dizzy. Normal reaction.

So....I've decided to let go of California. There isn't any other place in the state we want to be, and we don't want to stay here. Eureka and Arcata have more jobs, but for the most part they are stinky, dirty, drug-ridden hippy towns, in fact they make Crescent City look like a jewel. Further down, things are better but with their own issues we don't care for...too expensive, too hot and dry (inland) too ethnic in ways that don't fit us.

We thought about some other areas in the west, Seattle, Spokane, Denver and surrounding areas. I know nothing beats visiting in person, but without the resources to do so, I spend a lot of time on City-Data and Google Earth. City-Date gives me statistics but it also gives me insight into the "flavors" of the areas through the Forum. Google Earth lets me "walk" down streets and roads in Street View. Google Maps lets me explore businesses, apartments, shopping, hospitals, you name it.

I also use Scorecard, where you can plug in a zipcode and find all kinds of environmental info. Currently the data is from 2002 but it looks like they are working on updating it. On this site you can almost smell the air....

We have a wish list. I want autumn leaves. I knew I would miss them but I didn't realize how much. Hubby needs a good job. Certain areas attract people with certain careers and certain incomes. Certain places are not a good "fit". There are cultural considerations. Wisconsin came up again, and some searching found quite a few potential good jobs. Apartment prices are good. In addition, we had a surprise. My daughter told us she misses Wisconsin and wants to move back, it's just a matter of convincing her hubby. Since they are currently caring for his elderly parents, that could take some time.

Denver, sunny and expensive, not our style

Seattle, too expensive, too sun-less, mostly kind of hazy

Spokane in fall, not bad

Spokane countryside...dry, dry pines, dust and risk of wildfires

Hartford, WI...quaint downtown

The river in Sheboygan, WI in fall

Sheboygan beach on Lake Michigan

This is fairly accurate. We currently live in Tsunami Magnet. Arcata and Eureka are in Weed. The other locations that are affordable and have jobs and aren't in big cities are pretty much in the "mostly something for driving through". That's true...flat, dusty running out of water agricultural areas that are crop dusted by airplane.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

One Thing at a Time

I always do that...get into a project and then do too much. I was getting stressed, and sad. My hubby always picks up those clues that I try so had to hide. He keeps asking what is wrong until I tell him and I end up crying. My hubby encouraged me to give it a break and relax.

We decided to focus on one thing at a time. He has a doc appointment tonight. Once he is feeling better he can focus on the next step and we can work it out together. Moving from one end of the country to another is enormously expensive, and I love California. I do miss autumn leaves, but I'm not sure if I miss them enough to move back to the Midwest climate. Wisconsin may not be all we thought it might be. The labor laws suck. The state recommends two 15 minute breaks in a 12 hour shift. Read that again:

Wisconsin law recommends two 15 minute breaks in a 12 hour shift.

My husband's cousin, living and working in Wisconsin, is actually working in this nightmare. Yes, he works 12 hours and gets two 15 minute breaks. That's it...no lunch. He can cram in some food on a break, if he can. He doesn't speak English. He thought he had it good, until hubby explained to him how it is here.

Hello. Time to eat?

California law demands (not recommends...demands) a 15 minute break every 2 hours plus lunch. Thank you, California, for keeping it real.

California, the state people love to hate....it took me many years to get the chance to move out West. I'm not ready to leave. It will be very painful. For the time being, we are staying. I'm hoping for a great summer with lots of chances to walk on the trails we both love. We will continue to save, and see what the future brings.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Warmer than the Midwest in Winter

At least right now, anyway. Sure, we know it can snow from mid August to mid June....

Job outlook, rather bleak, since hubby is not a pipeline worker or concrete finisher. It was a fun thought, though...we both loved Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Doing Our Homework

Much to do...resume', jobs available, city profiles, where and what kind of food, crime rates, blue skies, fresh air, on and on. I love Google Maps, Google Earth and City-Data. And packing...some how I can't get motivated with the packing.

Hubby has a doc appointment next Wednesday, with a Physician's Helper, they are called here. Definitely not as sharp as a Nurse Practitioner.

We seem to be zeroing in on southeast Wisconsin, for several reasons....family, food, and jobs are the main ones....but not in a big city.

Friday, January 8, 2016

That's What We Did

"Do not move on to 2016 without letting go of something significant from 2015" - Brendon Burhard

I read that a few days ago, and realized, that's what we did.

The last day of 2015 was not a good day for me. The night before, in a fit of frustration over his health, my hubby declared that he hated where we live and wanted to move to another state.

The problems started with the rainy season in 2014. He developed a severe sinus infection. He was put on a course of antibiotics. That helped a little. He went back, was put on antibiotics again. The doc said we needed to move out of the moldy house we were living in. We knew that, but it was several more months before a duplex became available. My hubby started getting better after we moved, but continues to have chronic sinus issues. He says he can smell mold outside. (Del Norte County is notorious for mold).

New Year's Eve day...hubby had to work. I was sad all day. We needed to talk, honestly, not just covering up our feelings to make the other person feel better. "It's ok, we're not moving because I want you to be happy" and "It's ok, we can move because I want you to be healthy" wasn't cutting it anymore. We needed real compromise. It was more than a sinus issue.

After much discussion, logic won. There are just some things about this area you can't fix.

  1. Doctors and Specialists. With many of the residents under-employed or unemployed, welfare is rampant. Whatever the reasons, not enough doctors stay in this area, especially Specialists. If one of us needed a Specialist we would need to travel 111 miles to Medford, OR. We have been waiting 4 months to see the only good doctor in town.
  2. Job Opportunities. Unless you are into Health Care, Rumiano is the best job in town. If that job were to end for some reason, you are back to Walmart. No way in hell, says hubby, and I don't blame him.
  3. Travel. The airport currently only has prop-job flights to and from Portland, Oregon. Highway 101 heading south keeps breaking because of shifting ground at Last Chance Grade. Highway 199 suffers from occasional rock slides. This happens in winter because of substantial rains. We are one shake from total isolation.
  4. Mold. A significant portion of the population here are chronically ill from mold. Even though our town home is free of mold, it apparently is in the air outside. For some reason I have been spared from this malady that residents call "The Crescent City Crud".
So...we don't know where or when, but at some point we will be leaving. "Letting go of something significant." It felt like I was breaking up with a flame. I was heartbroken. Then I felt better, realizing it will be better for both of us. I'll write more another time.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!!!

Hubby and I celebrated together YAY! He has today off plus Rumiano gave everyone a year-end bonus. Yesterday we went out after he got off work, shopped and drank coffee together. Then we celebrated at home with some Risata and movies. Happy New Year everyone!