Thursday, October 23, 2014


Rainy season is starting. I always heard that it never stops raining here, but that's not entirely true. Rainy season means it will rain a lot but the sun comes out, too. It's quite pleasant when the sun comes out.

So, what is it like to live in the Redwoods? The old saying, "I can't see the forest for the trees!" comes to mind. Honestly I prefer to see the forest, not live directly under it. A house in the sun will have less mold problems than a house in the shade. Our bedroom enjoys midday to afternoon sun. I can open the windows on any sunny day and enjoy sparkling fresh air and temperatures in the 70's inside. The front of the house is shaded by redwoods and pine trees, so it stays cool all the time.

The back yard has 2 baby redwoods. The north side of the front yard has two youngsters. I made one Redwood "hold" a yardstick while I took a picture.
More than a yard in diameter

Future Giants, side by side

On a sunny day

Redwood leaves....lots of them

Redwoods drop lots of leaves. I will take some close-up pictures later. They are a bit messy to live under.

Another thing we have is coastal fog. Fog is one prime ingredient for good Redwood health. One night I took some pictures of the fog.
 The streetlight on 101

With camera focused on droplets of fog...suspended little balls of water!

We also have lichens. They only grow where the air is super clean, as any pollution will kill them.
Beard-type lichens growing in an Almond tree.  

 Here is one that fell out of a tree.

 Another type of lichen growing on an old bird feeder.

Lots of thorny blackberries, too thorny to pick.

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