Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Oh Nuts!

I have been pain-free for three days now. What did I give up? Nuts. Tree nuts. I already know that peanuts (not in any way related to tree nuts) cause inflammation in my body. Years ago I found out (very painfully) that Hazelnuts and Cashews cause instant joint swelling and redness, and I do mean within half an hour. Very early on I discovered I cannot tolerate any plant protein that has been isolated (such as MSG, isolated soy protein, isolated corn protein, isolated whatever plant protein). I also have problems with Nitrites and Nitrates.

For the last couple weeks my hubby has been working 6:30 am to 3 pm, so we were getting up at 5 am. I usually work until 7 or 9 pm, meaning I come home and don't feel like eating, and barely feel like cooking, because it was already past my bedtime. So hubby was trying to make things easy on me. He bought sausage and hot dogs (quick to cook), plus other prepared foods, being careful to avoid MSG. I had already purchased a couple boxes of Biscotti (with Almonds) because I love to dip them in my coffee.

The result...not only was I exhausted from not enough sleep (although I did catch a nap on the days I work 4 hours, usually 2 to 6 or 3 to 7) but I was in pain, serious pain...massive leg cramps at night, back pain, sciatic pain, leg pain, foot pain, dragging myself through the work day and suffering cramps at night. Aspirin didn't cut it. I can't take the other stuff. One night, amid my husband's worried suggestions of "shall I go buy something for you" and "do you need a doctor", I was nearly in tears as pains shot though my legs and my feet throbbed.

I had already been to a doctor. She pinched the back of my hand and said I was dehydrated. Drinking more water and checking my hand has become a ritual. I'm no longer dehydrated. I keep Vitamin B-6 next to the bed for leg cramps, although they don't help much. I've been trying to remember to pop a multi-vitamin at least a couple times a week. I'm trying to push more fruit and veggies into my diet.

The big change came when I announced to my sausage-loving hubby that I'm sorry, I can't eat much of it anymore, even though he can. I also stopped eating anything with nuts and reduced my salt intake. Result...restful nights without cramps and no pain at work!

It's a bummer, because I love nuts and peanut butter and I'm not a big meat eater. I can get some protein from beans, but they give me lots of gas, not cool at work when I'm bending over, stocking or helping customers.

Well, it's a beautiful day, first of my 2 days off. I need to do everything but feel like doing nothing. <sigh>

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