Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sick again....darnit

Tourist Season is booming, I have customers from everywhere! Scandinavia, Canada, other states, who knows where else. Some pull into the Walmart parking lot in huge motor homes. Crescent City certainly is a vacation destination. Unfortunately I have heard a lot of coughing. I have been extra careful, but Tuesday night my throat was scratchy. My days off are Tuesday and Wednesday. By Wednesday I was full-blown sick. I sat on the couch all night, unable to breath laying down. I sucked on a lot of Zinc tablets. I stayed home today. It was my 4 hour day anyway. My chest congestion is already starting to break up with the help of some Mucinex. Hubby was worried. He wanted to rush me to the doctor, but I told him I will be ok, I'll only go if it lingers or gets worse. It's common in Europe for people to rush to the doctor for just about anything. After all, it only costs a couple Euros. It's hard to explain to him we really can't do that here.

Anyway, hubby has been working the early shift at Rumiano, so he gets home about 2 or 3 pm, plenty of time to grab a bite to eat and do something together. Tuesday we decided to take a walk. We had not done that since December or January. The dry weather is leaving its mark. We rarely get rain and I must water my potted plants every week. I hear there may be a change coming, which might bring mudslides to the people who live on cliffs in Southern Cal. It's always something, no matter where you live.

Pretty white flowers or grass, not sure

Skunk Cabbage (no smell this time of year)

A dead fern shines like gold

A dry field. I assume the green area in the distance is what it should all look like.

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