Thursday, August 13, 2015

Arcata...looked like a hippy town to me

We visited the town square, which is truly a square around a park. It was a beautiful day for browsing artisan shops full of local arts and crafts and walking past many bars with a few seedy looking types hanging around. The park had an interesting mix of "Joe and Jane Regular" and "Happy People" in dreadlocks with really big dogs. Yeah, it was a mix of weird. There was a really cool store with all products made from hemp. >>>Hemp is NOT marijuana<<< The shop owner was a happy guy from Jamaica, wearing dreadlocks, but they looked natural on him. I found a hat I liked, but it was $40. I didn't want a $40 hat. I bought a cool "Rocker" garlic press in another store.

Here are a couple pics of Arcata, sans weird people. The fuzzy dark circle to the top right is a permanent fixture of my camera now, since it is a point and shoot and not a DSLR, which I could open and clean. The photography group I belong to says it's a speck of dust.

Later we drove to Eureka, first stop, Target. I bought earrings and a vacuum. I really needed a vacuum. We were going to continue to the mall but I told hubby I was tired of shopping, and it was a long drive home. Vita Cucina was still open, so we stopped in for more yummy honey bran muffins.

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