Friday, January 8, 2016

That's What We Did

"Do not move on to 2016 without letting go of something significant from 2015" - Brendon Burhard

I read that a few days ago, and realized, that's what we did.

The last day of 2015 was not a good day for me. The night before, in a fit of frustration over his health, my hubby declared that he hated where we live and wanted to move to another state.

The problems started with the rainy season in 2014. He developed a severe sinus infection. He was put on a course of antibiotics. That helped a little. He went back, was put on antibiotics again. The doc said we needed to move out of the moldy house we were living in. We knew that, but it was several more months before a duplex became available. My hubby started getting better after we moved, but continues to have chronic sinus issues. He says he can smell mold outside. (Del Norte County is notorious for mold).

New Year's Eve day...hubby had to work. I was sad all day. We needed to talk, honestly, not just covering up our feelings to make the other person feel better. "It's ok, we're not moving because I want you to be happy" and "It's ok, we can move because I want you to be healthy" wasn't cutting it anymore. We needed real compromise. It was more than a sinus issue.

After much discussion, logic won. There are just some things about this area you can't fix.

  1. Doctors and Specialists. With many of the residents under-employed or unemployed, welfare is rampant. Whatever the reasons, not enough doctors stay in this area, especially Specialists. If one of us needed a Specialist we would need to travel 111 miles to Medford, OR. We have been waiting 4 months to see the only good doctor in town.
  2. Job Opportunities. Unless you are into Health Care, Rumiano is the best job in town. If that job were to end for some reason, you are back to Walmart. No way in hell, says hubby, and I don't blame him.
  3. Travel. The airport currently only has prop-job flights to and from Portland, Oregon. Highway 101 heading south keeps breaking because of shifting ground at Last Chance Grade. Highway 199 suffers from occasional rock slides. This happens in winter because of substantial rains. We are one shake from total isolation.
  4. Mold. A significant portion of the population here are chronically ill from mold. Even though our town home is free of mold, it apparently is in the air outside. For some reason I have been spared from this malady that residents call "The Crescent City Crud".
So...we don't know where or when, but at some point we will be leaving. "Letting go of something significant." It felt like I was breaking up with a flame. I was heartbroken. Then I felt better, realizing it will be better for both of us. I'll write more another time.


  1. Most of the Pacific Northwest is very wet, which I supposed would encourage mold. Maybe the desert for you? I think you said you always liked it. I'm sorry that the climate where you are is not working for you.

  2. Not sure...but hubby needs a good job in an area with multiple job opportunities, so in case one fails, he has other options. Fresh air is my big concern.