Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Controlled Crazy

I never shopped for an apartment long distance before. We aimed for one with heat included, because Wisconsin is cold, and we can't estimate a heating bill all the way from California. So with that in mind, I bypassed the luxury $900 per month apartments. It is extremely hard to find apartments in Hartford. For the most part, the only ones that have websites are for seniors or poor people, or the luxury ones over in Slinger. Most listings were on Craigslist or the online Classified. Almost all of them had no pictures. "Call for Appointment". Well, I'm 2,000+ miles away.

Finally I found one with pictures and a person willing to talk to me. We rented a one bedroom that includes heat, water and trash all for less than we are paying now. It looks clean. The caretakers are retired and live across the hall. He is having the carpet professionally cleaned and he and his wife will clean the apartment with non perfumed cleaners so as not to aggravate our allergies. We will be surrounded by nice Maples that (I have been told) will be ablaze with color in fall. It will do for now.

We sold some items, are selling more, and found a home for the bunny, Tuki. We are much relieved that my daughter took him. He's living in a good-sized pen in the garage. It's California, it doesn't get too cold for a bunny.

My big, outdoor succulents are going to my daughter...sigh. I'm taking the little ones. I told hubby if I need to I will put them under lights. I need plants for my sanity. He hugged me and said, sure.

We are about 85% packed. The movers are coming on the 29th to pick up our stuff. I have another pile of stuff that's going in the car. I'm actually excited to get going. I'm going to miss my daughter, but there is always Facebook.


  1. Congratulations - I hope you like the neighborhood and that the move will go smoothly. :-)