Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Things falling into place

One of my co-workers offered to help us move. Her son is out of work, and they have a truck! My manager wants to take the 15th off because it's her birthday. When I told her I need Monday (13th) off and am willing to work Wednesday or Thursday to make it up, she said great, let's go arrange that.

My hubby put in his notice. It's a good thing he's getting out of the night stocker position. One of the managers is horrible, always barking at people to work twice as fast as what the store even allows in their rules. People have been running from the night shift like rats from a sinking ship. Six people didn't show, leaving two people to stock the store....really!

Packing schedule. Since Wednesday and Thursdays are my days off, those are the days I can pack. I have four days. However, most of our stuff is still packed from our move here, so it's won't be all that hard. I do want to clean the cat hair off the bins in the front room.

I think my hubby will be a lot healthier once we get away from all the pets in this house. Living with pets in the house is like don't realize how dirty, messy and bad it smells until you give it up.

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