Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My New Passion

Succulents! I have always loved them, and now that I can grow them outside year-round, I'm just tickled pink! One of my neighbors has a yard sale and I bought two large plants for only a dollar each! I still keep some of my plants inside. Here are some of my lovelies:
 Upstairs window, left to right, Jade, 2 more Jades and a Haworthia (in white pot), a small Portulacaria, 2 Haworthia Alba and Senecio rowleyanus - String of Pearls

 Outside, in front, left: Jade, Stonecrop and small something I haven't ID'd yet. Right: a basket from Home Depot for the awesome price of $17. Has a little of this and that...blooming Ice Plant, Jade, Kalancho, something else, something else....will repot in the spring.

 Kalanchoe - Mother of Hundreds or Mother of Thousands, pink version (Pink Butterflies or Pink Ladies)

 In the jade family, I like they geometry. There is a stunning red variety but it needs full sun, and I would need to order it.

 A small Jade that belonged to my mom years ago, a treasure. I repotted it in this pot but the pot has no drainage, a problem I will be working on tomorrow.

 Haworthia it, bought this one many years ago, maybe 20 years ago. I have divided it into 3 pots now.

 Bottom, left to right: Aeonium ($1 plant), NOID X-mas cactus. Top, left to right: Kalancho Mother of Thousands Pink Butterflies, Aeonium (the dark variety, another $1 plant), a mixed pot I haven't identified yet, a small pot of Aeonium, and Sempervivum (Hen's & Chicks) Spider Web.

Not sure

 Left, a Jade with folded leaves, right, a mixed pot that I need to transplant, with Aloe, Burro's Tail, Pencil Cactus and a small Adromischus cristatus - Crinkle Leaf Plant

 Left, grafted cactus, center, Kalanchoe tubiflora - Chandelier Plant, another type of Haworthia that I call Window Plants because they have "windows" on their leaves.

 Very tiny ground cover Sedum japonicum 'Tokyo Sun'

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