Friday, October 2, 2015


I asked my supervisor (the pharmacist) for Sunday's off and also not to work so late on Friday (9pm). It was met with the normal "Walmart needs associates at the busiest times bla bla bla". I countered by telling her Sunday is my husband's only day off, and somewhere in the discussion I mentioned I didn't want to work late because I get up at 4 am. She asked why, and her jaw dropped when I said I get up to get my hubby off to work. It was like, "OMG can't he get up by himself?!?!?!" She made so many condescending remarks, in front of all the other pharmacy employees, it was just humiliating. Well, lady, I get up because it's MY CHOICE and plus that I DRIVE him to work so I can keep my car so I can come to work at the piddly ass job at Walmart. He rides his bike home, but at 4:30 am you CANNOT SEE YOUR HAND IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE on Inyo street because it's so dark. Yeah, he could get a light but really, he works hard and long, why should he ride his bike 2 miles BOTH ways? A couple more paychecks or so and I'm going to tell Walmart good bye. My hubby and my hubby's job are way more important. I can't wait, I really can't wait. to work.

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