Wednesday, March 4, 2015

So...maybe you are it worth it?

Our new life...are you wondering, did we make the right choice?

I still say yes. If my husband wouldn't have waited so long to go back to the doctor for more treatment he might be well by now, but he was convinced it was the house we are living in and he would just be fine if we moved. Trouble is, we are still number 5 on the list.

If we had not made this move we would still be stuck in a declining industrial city with bad air and a climate we both hated in a house next to the expressway that was noisy 24/7.

Things will get better. We won't be living in a bedroom forever. My husband won't be sick forever (though I think he thinks he will. Men....!) We are both making money now. Once we move we can buy a nice living room set and a kitchen set, all new, and live in a fixed up town home that doesn't need repairs....something I've NEVER had in my whole life. I've always wanted to live in a home where I could open the door to company at any time (please remove your shoes...thank you) and not be embarrassed.

Could we have done that in Indiana? Maybe, but I think the rent is higher there, and we would still be stuck in that awful air and climate.

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