Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Catching Up

Wednesday my hubby had the day off YAY so we went shopping in Eureka. That town is a madhouse, traffic is crazy. It's so much nicer up here, even though Eureka has way more places to shop. We found much cheaper groceries at a WinCo store. We might actually drive the 80 miles there once every couple months and stock up.

After I was sick in July, Walmart told me I can't get sick until after September 28th, but my body didn't listen. I caught ANOTHER head cold that went into my chest. I have not needed my asthma inhaler here, except when I get a chest cold, so I had not noticed that it was empty, and it was midnight.

I was going to tough it out but hubby insisted he take me to the ER. They wanted to give me a treatment but I can't take albuterol, and they didn't have Xopenex. So they kept me for awhile and sent me home with a script. Hubby called off work to stay with me. I had a doctor note saying I could return to work after two days.

This time I made an appointment with my doc in case Walmart called me in for another "coaching". Previously they had recommended I ask why I get sick all the time. My doc ordered a vitamin D test. I'm low, so I am to take 1000 IU of D3 per day and get checked in about 6 months. Apparently vitamin D is connected to one's immunity.

Anyway, I am finally done coughing up junk, however I am going against Walmart policy and avoiding the sickies. No, really, I'm supposed to approach them with a smile while they cough and sneeze all over and ask them if they need help finding anything. I'm also having problems with my neck and arm. It started when they had me zone the grocery isles, especially the heavy stuff. It involves bending and reaching in odd positions and pulling everything forward. My neck has hurt ever since and my right arm goes numb when I hold it up. I don't zone other parts of the store anymore, ever since the pharmacist found out they were pulling me out of my area, but every day that I work I'm not allowing my neck and arm to heal because, well, my job is mostly zoning.

So hubby and I have been talking, and looking at our budget. We are very close to paying off the last of the credit cards. My plan was to continue working until we built up our savings, at least through the winter, but it looks like that will change. The reasons....my health, the rainy season is coming and he will need the car, and we miss each other. Ok, maybe the last reason made you roll your eyes, but honestly, we need to be home at the same time and enjoy life together. It's been a long five months, ever since my hubby started work at Rumiano, no time together unless he took a day off to match mine. I only have time to cook from scratch on my days off, that means 5 days a week I'm eating junk. I'm exhausted.

It makes me very happy to think about quitting work.

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