Tuesday, January 20, 2015


We are on the list for a town home! However, I am still waiting to hear about my job. I stand corrected, it takes 2 to 3 weeks before the drug test is complete.

My poor hubby. He's been taking antihistamines for allergies but we discovered the Zyrtec was making him worse. So now he's not taking anything, except bioAllers homeopathic treatment, when he remembers to take it. A large part of our decision to go for renting a town home as opposed to buying a place is the town homes are clean and well-maintained, whereas our budget for buying a home would be in the fixer-upper range. Also, if hubby's allergies don't clear up in that kind of pristine environment, then maybe there is no hope for him living on the coast. At least being in a renting situation only makes us stuck for the length of the contract, not stuck trying to sell a place we just bought.

Hubby started out fine. September, October, most of November were all sunny and dry. Then rainy season hit, mold began to grow, and hubby's sinuses went crazy. He tried most of the antihistamines on the market, no help, except just a little from Zyrtec. But the Zyrtec caused mood changes and increasing congestion, to the point where my hubby sounded like he was drowning as he slept. We didn't realize it was the medicine until he stopped taking it and then took it one last time. That was it, the bottle hit the trash can.

Anyway, to explain the situation here. There are many pets in the house, and because we are living in one room, our bunny lives in here with us. This house is under the redwoods. The front room is damp and cold and moldy. One must walk through the front room to go in and out of the house. I can't believe I am doing so well here. I'm the one with the mold allergies.

Moving into a town home will create these changes...no dogs or cats in the house, the bunny will not be in the bedroom, and we will run the pellet stove to keep the place warm and dry and free of mold. We are already buying bags of pellets. A 40 pound bag costs less than $5. One bag could last one to three days, depending on how cold it is, so heat could cost between $50 and $150. We will pay electric and gas for the water heater. Water and garbage is included in the rent. No one has air conditioning here. The warm days of summer are dry and pleasant. If it gets cool and damp, light the pellet stove! We will see how this works out for my hubby. I really feel bad for him. He has been miserable for two months and to the doctor twice. They just tell him to move from this house.


  1. Has he tried Allegra? It's over the counter now and it works really well for me (I am very sensitive to nearly all antihistimines). I hope you hear about your job soon.

  2. Not yet. I just looked and I see I bought the generic version of it.