Thursday, January 8, 2015

Summer Break

We're having a run of beautiful weather, like summer. Back in Indiana the weather is frightful. Yesterday it was 75 in the bedroom, and it felt just as hot waiting in the car in the parking lot for my hubby to run in and buy a Red Bull and some snacks for our walk.

We have walked the 4 mile loop at Lake Earl several times, and Tolowa Dunes twice. We needed another area. So about 1:30 pm we took off for Howland Hill Road, east of town. This road quickly turns into a one lane road with turnouts as soon as you cross into the Jedediah Smith National Forest. From there it is a good 4 mile drive through giant Redwoods. It's slow going, as the road has many potholes. After parking we walked along a trail that follows the Smith River.

Howland Hill Drive

Stout Grove, some of the "little" trees - the log on the left is 7 feet in diameter

My hubby, walking among giants

 The river path

The Smith River

If any of these places look like the movies, some of them were filmed here in Del Norte County and Humbolt County to the south. Check out this Map of the Movies

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