Thursday, January 22, 2015

Things are more normal now

The Allegra seems to be working. My hubby can breathe better, he's not wheezing, and the tickle in his sinuses and mouth are gone.

Eyes forward to spring! This much we know:
(1) We are on the list for a town home.
(2) The 2 bedroom model we are interested in should be available this spring.

What we don't know:
(1) How long the waiting list is.
(2) How many other people want the same model, and are they above or below us on the list.

Del Norte County is the poorest county in the state. Crescent City is an enigma. It is charming, artistic, surrounded by natural beauty, and has a community of homeless people living in the woods behind Walmart. Most people here are nice, some have money, most scrape to get by. People come here for the nature, and stay for the nature. They don't come here to get rich. Other people move here because of the notorious Pelican Bay Prison, to work there or to be close to a family member who might be an inmate.

Back to the town home. Seawood is THE place to rent in Crescent City. Basic description:

"Seawood Village is a 280 unit duplex style apartment complex located where the Redwoods meet the Sea. All units include pellet stoves, central heating, cable hook-ups, garages, dryer hook-ups, carpeting, mini-blinds, dish washers, refrigerators, stoves, ovens and garbage disposals. The amenities include indoor mail rooms, indoor laundry rooms, indoor Jacuzzi's, recreation room, tot lots, basketball court, and free video rental."

Oddly it's is hard to find good pictures. My hubby and I think the place is beautiful. Some people don't like the uniform exterior gray all the units are painted. We think it just blends well with the nature. Inside the units are bright and clean. Most have been remodeled with hardwood floors and new carpet in the bedrooms. Kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms have ceramic tile. Here are some pictures I found on the internet. I don't know who they belong to, so I apologize for the lack of credits.

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