Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Belated Happy New Year!

I began this post on New Year's Eve, a chilly, sunny day in northern California. The night's low was predicted at 32, about as cold as it gets here. I was bored because my hubby had to work that night...New Year's Eve on my own. My hubby and I are looking forward to what 2015 will bring.

I have been blessed by this new climate, in spite of the winter dampness. My hubby, however, has been suffering allergies, nasal problems and chest congestion ever since the rainy season started. We continue to take walks in the woods on sunny days. Hubby insists his problems are because this house is under the trees and has mold problems, and there are pets in the house. One of the dogs is huge, 110 pounds. He is old and sheds like a buffalo. He is too big to bathe in the house and it's too cold to bathe him outside. It also doesn't help that we are living in one room with our bunny. Tuki has never lived in a cage.

When we had the house, Tuki lived in the kitchen. He only came into the bedroom at night, when he stood guard under the bed. He still stands guard every night at the foot of the bed (on the floor), but now he is also living in the same room with us. If you are wondering what I mean by "standing guard", he actually rests, half-awake, on the carpet at the foot of the bed. If he hears a noise he thumps his feet. It used to wake me up, but not so much anymore. I think he is thumping less. Noises he would hear during the day wouldn't bother him, but the same noise at night would alarm him.

So in spite of the trials and tribulations of living with family, we are doing ok. I'm still adjusting to hubby working at night. I don't like to sleep during the day, but I wake up when he comes home for lunch between 2 and 3 am. When he comes home at 7 am I'm too sleepy to get up. Maybe if I went to bed right after he went to work at 10 pm I would do better, but I'm not sleepy at 10. I also take that time to do some cleaning in the bedroom.

We've been looking at some properties to get a "feel" for things here. We need to save more, for a bigger down payment. My hubby's job needs to be upgraded from temporary to permanent. Can't do anything when your job is temporary. He continues to put out job applications. Life just takes time. Somethings happen fast, some things happen slow.

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