Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How is it Wednesday Already?

How was it I didn't write yesterday and the day before?

Because when my hubby works the early shift my days blend into each other. I get up at 3:30 am. light the pellet stove, put his lunch together, wake him up, decide if he can take the car or I need it, in which case I drive him to work, come back, eat something (because I'm always hungry in the morning), go back to bed, wake up, try to focus on a small lunch and not cave into a second breakfast, figure out the rest of the day.

Do I work today [] Yes [] No

Do I have something for dinner and time to cook it? [] Yes [] No

My new work schedule gives me Sunday off (yay!) and fewer days per week (yay!) but later hours, such as 3 to 9 pm (boo). There is no way I can fall into bed the moment I get home, so I'm often up until 11 pm, which only gives me four and a half hours before I get up again. Even on days I don't work I usually can't fall asleep early enough to get 7 or 8 hours sleep before 3:30 am.  I also can't fall back asleep after being up for over an hour, so typically I take my nap about now...7 am. Another 4 hours gives me a less-then-ideal 8 hours of broken sleep. That gives me some time to wash clothes, cook, play with my succulents, pick up my hubby from work or go to work.

If any of you are wondering why I even get up, I have always gotten up with my hubby. I did it with my first hubby and I do it with my new hubby. My choice. Period. End of story.

One more week of early shift and he will be on another shift, maybe the late shift, meaning my sleep won't be broken. More later...I'm off to take my nap.

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