Thursday, November 12, 2015

Today was a nice day to be home

It's been chilly, we're running the pellet stove much longer. Thankfully it doesn't cost much. Also, twice a year we get an energy credit from the state of California. It was enough to pay our next two electric bills! The credit can be used however you want. The state hopes you will use it to weatherize your house, but since we are renters, we just had them apply it to our bill(s).

My plants didn't seem to suffer from the cold night we had. It's been chilly every night, but no more frost. I love our sunny days. I was out in shirt sleeves for part of the day. My plants:

I have been transplanting the succulents that seem to stay wet into a new potting mix of pumice, some red lava rocks and very little soil. With the rains we get they must dry out fast or they will rot. This is my first attempt at growing succulents outside in winter. 

In other news, my daughter bought herself a violin. I wish her well in her lessons. I think that's great. 

Well, the table is set, dinner is done, just waiting for hubby to text me to come pick him up. It's almost 7:30. They must have had a lot of cheese beds to clean.

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