Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Once Again I have Skipped Days

My hubby and I both worked Saturday. Sunday we drove to Springfield Oregon, in the pouring rain, in the mountains, on curvy roads. I was hoping hubby's wanderlust wouldn't take him so far again in winter. It's too stressful. Thankfully he agreed, no more long distance driving in bad weather. For me, the highlight of the trip were the fall colors in Grants Pass.

We have native Maples here that turn golden. There are many along the Smith River. If we get a Sunny Sunday maybe we can go so I can get some pictures before all the leaves are gone.

Today is Tuesday, and for those who write during National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo---I have trouble wrapping my head around the abbreviation) it's "Ten on Tuesday". Ten what, I wonder?

1. Ten things I'm thankful for.
2. Ten things I miss from the Midwest.
3. Ten things I've gained.
4. Ten things I lost.
5. Ten things I'm afraid of.
6. Ten things I love about where I am.
7. Ten things things I would change if I could.
8. Ten Poems I've written
9. Ten pets I've had
10. Ten places I've lived. 

There's my ten. Maybe I will expand on some of them....later.

This morning was cold, 37 degrees at 7 am, with frost. That's a heavy frost on the roofs across the street. It melted as soon as the sun came up.

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