Sunday, November 22, 2015

Vitamin D and Sundays Make Me...Happy

I haven't been sick!! Yay. I have dodged the sneezing, coughing customers as usual but since I started taking the Vitamin D I have remained healthy. The only side effect appears to be gas. I hate that, but it's better than the horrible colds I was catching every time someone sneezed.

Being Sunday, hubby and I both had the day off. We did some work and cleaning in the garage. I needed a hole drilled in a pot I'm using for succulents. I planted a succulent in a pot I bought at Safeway, but since it had no drainage, my succulent was suffering. Here is my "Zen pot" before drainage. I removed the plant and set the pot aside until today.

Hubby started with the cup on the right, as a test, but the concrete drill bit was going nowhere. Judging from the dent it made, this was going to take all day. So hubby bought a spendy diamond tip bit. It went through like butter. It all goes to show, Diamonds are a pot's best friend. Now I can re-plant the succulent in the Zen pot and I have a cup to plant as well. Yay!

As I was sweeping our mostly empty garage, I mentioned to hubby how sunny it was in there. This time of the year the sun at "high noon" looks like 10 am, but it's a perfect angle to warm up the south-facing garage. Two lawn chairs, a table, music on the car radio (my car has awesome speakers), maybe the grill out on the driveway, and we have a party spot! I might even string up some party lights. Hey, it's a big room and the car isn't in it...why not. If you are wondering why the car isn't in it, there is no automatic opener, so it's a pain in the butt.

Later we drove to Brookings. I bought Crocus bulbs. I love Crocus and was delighted to find out they grow here. I snapped this shot with my cell phone on the way home. It was a pretty day. Having Sundays together is wonderful.

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