Thursday, November 19, 2015

Rain Again

It's the rainy season, and this year it seems like we are getting what they say is the normal amount for this area. The mountains are also getting snow. No one is sure if this year will break the drought here in California. We need lots of snow in the mountains because snow melt fills the reservoirs.

Yesterday was sunny, the one sunny day between all the rain. I enjoyed it, but it was too short this time of the year. I finished a project I had in my mind lately. I wanted to place my succulents on a shelf where they could get some of that fleeting sun and not be so drenched by the rains. Here's what I did.

 The plastic deflects the majority of the rain from the roof. We have gutters, but when it pours they can't keep up. I can also lower the plastic if we have a frost, or maybe just too much rain. The shelf is sloping back a little too much, so I need to adjust it the next sunny day.

My friend, A :-) who writes Knit and Run mentioned some health problems she is having. I have my own share as well. Processed food absolutely gives me inflammation. My sensitivity seems to be soy or other plant proteins that have been isolated and concentrated, usually for flavor.  I also have severe issues with nuts, and I'm much better off with no nuts in my diet. I have trouble eating enough protein, since I can't get it from nuts and I just don't enjoy eating a lot of meat. For one thing, it's hard to chew because I'm missing some of my teeth. I have a love/hate relationship with eggs. I love eggs as long as they don't taste like eggs, meaning I need to cover the flavor with something else. They also give me gas...

My hair keeps getting thinner. I have been taking thyroid medicine for several years, and my levels are good. The year I started taking Levothyroxin I lost 10 pounds. I grew my hair long by taking Biotin. However, a bunch of my hair fell out a few months after we moved. The move was absolutely over the top stressful, so I think that had a lot to do with it. I also have stress on my job and was getting sick constantly. I was developing a lot of belly fat or bloating.  Turns out I have very low Vitamin D. Taking D3 1,000 IU every day is helping a lot. I haven't been sick since I started taking it and the belly is getting better. My hair is still thin...

So, other than fighting the inevitable effects of aging, I'm doing ok. My hubby loves me beyond words, in spite of the fact that he is obviously years younger than me. Thankfully most people think I'm younger than I am.

I have 3 hours to do stuff before I need to get ready for work, so on that note, I better get busy.

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