Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December Already!

I wasn't thinking that I could do a "Ten on Tuesday" in December, I guess because I wasn't planning on posting so often. I only have a little time, before I must get ready for work. Let's see if I can hash this out in 10 minutes. I hear the subject is "The Ten Best Things I Did in November"

1. Blogged more...I didn't get every day in, but I did more.
2. Enjoyed Sundays with my hubby.
3. Bought succulents at Flora Pacifica.
4. Decided to quit Walmart for sure, this month.
5. Enjoyed an early Thanksgiving dinner with my daughter and her hubby.
6. Made a new friend.
7. Saw an "old" friend, well, she used to work at Walmart.
8. Made really good homemade pizza.
9. Crafted an easy-to-keep-track-of budget.
10. Followed the budget.

Six minutes to spare! The budget is the "biggie" because it allows us to pay bills with one account and shop, save or whatever with the other account. That way the bill-paying account is never overdrawn because it's not used for anything but bills, which are all predictable. The amount left over goes into savings. The biggest issue here is the cost of food. Meat is astronomical. A roast can easily cost $25 or $30. We can usually get better prices at Roy's in Brookings, Oregon. We sure do miss Aldi, but there are no Aldi stores out west....however, I hear they are expanding.

I'm not a big meat eater but hubby does like beef and chicken. He also likes fish, which I hate, but I can tolerate a few fish sticks. It's fine with me to cook two different things for dinner. I'm looking forward to not working evenings so I can do more of that.

My time is up.

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