Saturday, December 12, 2015

PNW or Not

I once joined a Pacific Northwest gardening group on facebook. I was accepted, but admonished about my location. They told me the north coast of California is NOT part of the Pacific Northwest. The PNW is Oregon, Washington state and British Columbia, however, I was welcome to stay in the group. I didn't feel welcome, so I left.

After living here over a year and watching weather patterns, I began to question that. I have also discovered that far northern California IS included in the PNW by some definitions. In fact, Crescent City is so close to Oregon that our phone book combines CC and Brookings, Oregon. So I rest my case...Purists say no, new thinking says Yes.

PNW as defined by the Old Farmer's Almanac:

I wish this was bigger so you could read it

It's been doing this on and off for days:

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